Tech Feeder is an alliance of five European companies operating in similar and complementary sectors.
These companies have decades of experience in industrial automation and have offices in Italy, France, Spain and Sweden.

The purpose ofTech Feeder Alliance is to create a network of realities cooperating with each other, offering their customers a wide range of solutions to automate their products and, above all, the possibility of obtaining on-site technical support with trained, multilingual staff.

As a matter of fact, our teams speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish and German.

With 4 manufacturing facilities and 60 employees specialising in the design and production of automated systems, we are able to respond to any requirement, as we know the critical issues of our customers and the specificities of each market.

Having partners on multiple geographical areas allows us to offer a more widespread presence for:

Evaluation of samples
and projects

Revamping and integrations
on pre-existing lines

On site
technical assistance

Final Client

Possible downtimes and fine-tuning of the vibrators in yoursystem are no longer a problem: Techfeeder is ready and willing to quickly and safely solve your problem!

Machine Makers

With Techfeeder systems you give value added to your machine. Export with peace of mind; you can count on a competent team in your client's country.

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Techfeeder is a solid network designed and promoted by GASCO Group. An international ground that brings together companies, people and products in a successful synergy.