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We like to call ourselves problem solvers and dare with different and innovative gimmicks.
Whatever sector you belong to, you can be sure that our solutions are customised to suit your machine or application. Our technical expertise and 30 years of know-how are combined with the many services we can offer you.
Here are the ones our customers like best!

Free Test service

Without any obligation, you can send us your feasibility request in just a few steps. Our sales engineers will guide you towards the most appropriate solution for your need.

3D Downloads (free!)

From now on, already from our site, you can get our components in multiple 3D formats (step, dwg, pdf) and start building your project, or test them for integration with your machine.


At Gasco Group it is not enough for us that you are satisfied, we want guiding you to find the best solution. In our industry we are the only ones in Europe to offer together with the purchase at least 20 minutes of direct advice with a real technician to talk to. You can book your appointment by choosing the method most convenient for you (telephone, video call, e-mail). Like you, we have been in the automation industry for many years and know your needs, problems and difficulties well.

Server Cloud 




Proteggiamo i tuoi dati con crittografia avanzata, garantendo la massima sicurezza. Offriamo uno spazio dedicato, prestazioni ad alta velocità e la possibilità di condividere facilmente i materiali con i nostri clienti.

Online Offers

Thanks to our CRM, we are able to quickly create project quotations in which the various elements are distinct and linkable. By clicking on the name of each component, you can visit the relevant page on our website and learn more about it. You can download the manual or simply have all the technical data at your fingertips. You will receive our offer within a few days of your request.

Project Integration

Our technical department has various 2D and 3D programmes (such as Solidworks, Ptc's Creo and SPAC Automation) to deliver you the first drafts and electrical and pneumatic diagrams to be integrated into your machine, in the format most familiar to you.

Delivery Planning

From the moment we provide confirmation to the order received, we ensure certain final delivery times. We monitor the work progress thanks to a dedicated management system (ERP) and constantly update customers according to all project phases (acceptance of drawings, receipt of samples, video transmission of tests, packaging,...).


Our final tests are done automatically, we try to replicate the machine cycle with your samples. We send photos, videos and instructions for final acceptance before delivery.

Post-delivery support

Our technicians are available to answer your questions regarding the system commissioning or possible additional requirements of your end customer.

Spare parts

You can request any spare part simply by providing the serial number of the system in your possession, which can be found on the label on the vibrating base or component.

Vibro ReMade

Vibro-Remade, for the refurbishing of vibratory feeders, uses the PowerGrip method to restore their full functionality. We guarantee carefully performed coating, eliminating low production and machine stoppage, with fast turnaround times. We can intervene on bowls by different brands, both in stainless steel and aluminium.

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