The product

What is it for?

The aim is to reduce the noise level of feeding systems, in compliance with current regulations in force. In addition to reducing noise levels insulators also protect the system from dust and residual, together with possible tampering with it.

How to choose?

According to your system requirements, sizes and characteristics may vary.
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Why choose it?

Circular insulators are ideal for small areas where limited size solutions are suitable. The structure is in Dibond and they have a transparent cover for inspection and loading operations.

circular insulator

drop-shaped insulator

rectangular insulator

robots cells

Technical features

Materials and customising

  • An aluminium structure and panels which can be manufactured in transparent or insulated plastic material, according to the different applications and level of noise to be reduced.
  • The circular models are manufactured in a reduced size and with materials aimed at lowering the noise level of bowl feeders. The only inspection point is a transparent circular area, from which loading can take place.
  • The Cell series can be equipped with led lighting system, monitor fixing and support on wheels.

Each insulator is made in customised dimensions according to the group size.

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