Gasco Group
Gasco Group

Gasco Group is a vibratory feeders company in Liguria, with a view on the sea and an industrial vocation. How come? Our clients often ask.

The answer lies in how vibrating systems reached Italy and Europe. In 1954, the American company, Syntron, owning the patent, opened a branch in Genoa, allowing the creation and spread of further business opportunities to develop this product. Gasco group was among the ones who seized the opportunity and specialised over the years in systems with an unprecedented focus on components.. The majority of the team is young, but the group is also proud to have people with 30+ years of experience in this field.

Vision and mission

The vision we have always pursued is to transform the general idea regarding our sector through attention to detail and customer service.

Cleverness and craftsmanship are important to find solutions these days, but they are not enough anymore. Technologies, materials, working methods, design and other factors have changed and transformed in these last few years. Our mission is to understand and accept these changes by offering solutions and innovative services to all Italian and foreign manufacturers.

On our website you can check out some of our creations and download in 3D our products. Alternatively you can go on our free test areaand send us your project or part to be oriented and we can start a collaboration right away.

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