The history of
Gasco Group

Gasco Group is a vibro-feeder company based in Liguria, with a seafront view and an industrial vocation. Why? Our customers often ask.


The answer lies in the history of how vibration systems came to Italy and Europe. In 1954 the American company Syntron, patent holder, opens a branch in Genoa, leading to the creation and spread of other companies that would develop this product. Among these Gasco Group ideally carries the baton, specialising over the years in systems and unprecedented focus on components. The team is predominantly young, but has resources with more than 30 years' experience in this field.


Vision and mission

The vision that we have always been cultivating is to transform the general idea concerning our industry, thanks to the attention to detail and customer service.

Today, ingenuity and craftsmanship in finding solutions is still important, but no longer sufficient. Technologies, materials, working methods, design and many other factors have changed and transformed in recent years. Our mission is to understand and accept these changes, offering innovative solutions and services to all Italian and foreign manufacturers.

On our website you can see some of our achievements and download in 3D our products. Or go to the section free testsend us some of your projects or pieces for orientation and we can start collaborating right away.

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What has changed?
Why should you choose our company?

Until now you had to wait weeks from the enquiry to the quotation with the group layout.

Nowadays you must have it in a few days and, once the order has been placed, immediately the system design.

Until now, you had 6/12 months to build a system and could order power supplies 3/4 months earlier.

Nowadays you need to design and build a system in 4/6 months and you need the power supplies in 2/3 months.

Until now, you accepted considerable delays in delivery and the absence of drawings and manuals.

Nowadays, the delay has dramatic consequences and 3D drawings and manuals are indispensable.

Until now, you resigned yourself to it and ended up considering vibrators unreliable, with lots of air puffs and not repeatable.

Nowadays, you can expect vibrators, if well designed and engineered, to be reliable, without unnecessary and expensive air blowing and repeatable.

Brand identity

The G of 'Gasco group' visually conveys the track that makes the vibration and orientation of parts possible. In addition to the high performance of the products and services that revolve around the customer, the company has remained recognisable over the years by its visual identity. In 2022 this is being renewed by linking more and more to the dynamism, vibration and precision. The brand is renewed and turns into a metaphor for the component as a fundamental element, which constitutes and underpins the system.